Hello. I’m Moyra Scott.

I am passionate about clarity, presence and flow.

I work with individuals and small groups to help them get unstuck, grow their capacity and make more time for creativity.

As an artist and a person who loves to get things done, I've discovered the need for both a right brain and a left brain approach. I adore being wildly creative and as such I am a proliferator - I generate masses of ideas and images - but I have found that withoutstructure it all gets messy and out of control. So, as well as experimenting and producing art over the years, I've learnedtools and strategies to get organised, get motivated, and get stuff done.

I've worked with creative entrepreneurs, digital agencies and in large corporations and universities

I've been running art journalling workshops for 3 years in a variety of settings.

People have called me 'A nice balance of nurture and pushing', 'and 'friendly, firm, helpful and supportive.', and 'Super Creative Buzz Woman'.

I hope you find something here that helps you in your search for that elusive balance between creativity and structure - something that can get you moving forward and feeling inspired!

EMAIL ME- moyrascott@gmail.com

PHONE ME- (+44) (0)7974168586