Coaching Packages
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Coaching Packages

Sometimes you just can’t see the way forward. It’s like you have hit some sort of ceiling. Maybe it feels as if its all just coming at you and all you can do is keep your head above water. There are too many priorities and its all muddy and messy and you can't see how to change things. 

 It doesn’t need to be that way. If you want to grow, earn more money, be more creative, get your ducks in a row so that you can go smash it and create the life of your dreams - its my job to listen, reflect back to you a clear path forward.  

My key areas of strength and interest are in kick ass productivity, getting started on gnarly projects (ungnarling them!) and manifesting dreams. 

I work with creative entrepreneurs who are ready to take themselves seriously and make a difference.  

I like to work long term.   My packages currently run at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.   

Best thing to do is arrange a time for no strings attached  ‘discovery call’  We can look at what is going on and work out a plan.  Call on 07974 168586 or contact me by email here

I am devoted to your getting stuff done and creating an inspiring life.  

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Wild Painting Weekend April 28th -29th 2018
to Apr 29

Wild Painting Weekend April 28th -29th 2018

Did you used to love being creative as a kid? But then you stopped because, for some reason you no longer felt you were "good enough" at it.  Many people who tell me they are 'no good' at art -  it breaks my heart.  A negative critique at an impressionable age can put you off for life, make you put down your paints for ever. ARGH!  makes me so cross! - because It's just not true!  Painting, mark making, enjoying being creative - this is easily available for all of us RIGHT NOW.  Its not anything to do with "good" or even "bad" Do you enjoy the process?  That is the important question. 

Process art is revolutionary and anyone can do it. And once you learn to let go of expectations (and I have various techniques to help you do this!!) you can discover that creativity and painting is playful, joyous and so deeply nourishing for the soul you will wonder why you let it lie dormant for so long. Come paint again.

Wild Painting Weekend is the opportunity for you to really flex your creative wings and fly!  Held in a beautiful creative spacious and light art studio, you can paint it large.  There is an element of instruction but at the same time, total freedom to creative as you please.  There is no judgement, this is just for you to experiment and play and see what comes out.  As one participant says its a relaxed space with permission to "be yourself, to trust yourself, to listen to yourself" 

Come and conquer any fear you have of the blank canvas, leave with your soul nourished yet longing for more! 

The studio is in Brighton & Hove - a great vibrant and creative city by the sea. 

£495 includes all materials and lunches both days. 

There are currently 4 out of 10 spaces left so we are a small group with plenty of time for 121 support.  And you will find a bunch of likeminded souls to connect and create with. 

Spaces are reserved via payment.  I have 4 spaces available  - if you have any questions at all please use the contact form on my website and I will get back to you asap! 

To pay you can click paypal now or contact me for BACS details 

For full details and materials list please contact me and I will send them out to you.  

Materials include 3 x 100cm square canvases, acrylic paints, brushes and an art journal.  

For further information, photos from past events and conversation about creativity as soul nourishment please hop on over to my facebook art page  



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Make Time For Creativity - Wild Art Journaling Vision Board
6:30 PM18:30

Make Time For Creativity - Wild Art Journaling Vision Board

As of this Friday I am committing to Creative Time at Lawrence's Art Studio on a regular basis. This will be a rolling adventure of workshops and my own personal creative practice.  Its an investment in myself.  Because I know that I am better and shine brighter in the world when I make time for my creativity to come out and play.  I know damn well I am not the only one who NEEDS this creative time.  And until I am in the position to be in my studio, full time, creating - then I am making my ART FRIDAYS the thing.  I am launching on 23rd March - the start of Spring!   TO kick things off I am hosting a vision board party.   I haven't done a vision board for 3 years and its high time I created something new and exciting. I have changed, my desires are different, I am so much clearer on what I want and where I am heading.  Its time.  As you may know - there is something properly magical about Vision Boards.  If you are visual person this is a so much better way of creating a beautiful visual inspirational vision for your future.  And putting it somewhere you can see it, every day, will enable you to hold in mind all that you wish to bring into your life.  My plan is that do some clearing, some journaling around what it is we really desire - and we will set our intentions and create visions of our amazing futures.   I want to surround myself with energised, dynamic, creative doers with big dreams for the future.  If this is you and you want to join me - get in touch.  

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