Everyone is different, but getting organised, clearing the decks and making clear plans going forward has a lot of benefits.  I know! I am not a naturally organised person, and left to my own devices I would soon pile things up, create chaos (creative chaos) and start too many projects. I still do! But now I have tools, methods and strategies to help me.  And I have helped hundreds of others to do the same.  

SO many people have too much to do in the time available, never seem to be able to prioritise their important big projects and get bogged down in email / social media / meaningless interuptions / unclear or conflicting priorities and general STUFF! 

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • clear your decks for a day, sort everything out, get your ducks in a row and  - Feel on top of your work

  • Have time to think, plan do your important creative project work

  • Feel a sense of meaningful progress in your work (and life)

  • Tackle and and conquer huge ominous projects that you thought would never get off the ground - in a manageable way.

  • Be able to switch off and relax when you're not working, leave the office on time, and have a better night's sleep.

  • Have more spaciousness, clarity, focus and energy around what you need to do.

  • Have a'to do' list that actually gets done!

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, forget things and start too many projects.  I am not a naturally organised person at all.  I need and use the methods I share to turn my own work and home life around, and enjoy more ease and less stress.


I also work as Lead Capacity Builder for Then Somehow.  I have worked with Bristol City Council for the last 2 years and Kings College London for the past 5 years.  I have helped increase both productivity and employee engagement on average by over 50%.  It is amazing what can be achieved when you take a step back and work on how you work.  

Nina Ross, Fundraising Consultant
"It's been helpful for me because I'm juggling so much. Keeping the small note book nearby and post it's when I'm prosessing phone messages is good so I can process the calls properly once I've hung up. I Love the waiting for on the email and in the book. My desk is pretty clear. Don't feel like I need huge files and shelves:-) decision making is happening faster and by scheduling time to do the things in my next steps, not only do they get done, things on the back burner can be brought active sooner and projects are moving forward...love it! "

Simon Griggs, Property Developer
"Moyra spent 8 hours over 2 days with me, we went through some background on what we were going to do, and then we systematically went through all the different parts of my life, no stone was left unturned, afterwards I had very clear systems on what I needed to do, what I could do, what I had time to do and what I could put on the backburner. I now feel I have more time and also the capacity to do more meaningful work and am much more organised and present. I would thoroughly recommend Moyra she is professional, explains things clearly, is honest and clearly loves what she does."

Morgan Nichols, Writer
"I recommend Moyra's methods highly! I spent two half days with her recently sorting out my stuff and learning a new system to organise all my very many projects - and since then have been feeling a lot calmer, more productive and motivated. Plus tackling some big 'scaries' that I was avoiding before, which now seem a lot more manageable and less frightening."

Rachel Mortimer, Engage & Create
"Its changed my life.  Literally.  It's not that I am now perfect, but I know what to do if things start getting on top of me"

Mel Larsen, Mel Larsen & Associates
"Moyra was friendly, firm, helpful and supportive. She was also not afraid to challenge me about some of my less productive habits and attitudes and the email management is brilliant."

Noora, Channel 4
" I've got Moyra to thank for leaving the office on time, with a clean inbox and a clear idea of how I will achieve everything I need to in the next week!"

Denise, Kings College London
"I am so much better at not thinking, oh that' s easy I will do it later, instead I think, that's easy I'll do it now."
"I feel there is nothing on my shoulders at all.  And it's quite a light feeling" 

Liz, Radian
"I slept like a baby afterwards.  I had 92 items on my list, which is a lot but its better than the infinite list I had before"

Rachel, UBM Live
"I didn't even feel the need to switch my blackberry on over the weekend"

Clare, Kings College
"I had a reallyreally productive weekend"

Individuals can attend a workshop or come to a 1-2-1 session.

Workshops cost £495 per day and 121 sessions are £1650 per day and £275 per session (usually 60-90 mins)

My suggestion for new individual clients is to begin with a one day (or 2 half days)  plus 2 follow up sessions. This package costs £1750.

For corporate work please talk to me about your requirements.  I can design packages to suit your needs.  

Contact me (07974168586) for a no-obligation chat to see if working with me is for you. Take the step now to improve your productivity, reduce your stress and find the joyful flow in your work life!