Here's recent example of a Corporate Away Day I ran. This was a designed an art experience for 55 people, which was fitting to the company's values, budget and the venue.

"Follow Your Passions" was a central focus in the workshop as it aligned with one of the main company values. I spoke about my passion for creativity and how it is not about how "good" you at creating art but whether you enjoy it.

I believe that creativity and self expression is a human need, and we are often stymied in this because of some long held beliefs that we are not "good enough" to do it.

Demonstrating that it is not about that and get everyone being creative, to whatever level they choose.

The workshop was fun and also got the participants into their creative "right" brain thinking.


Organiser of the event for Trusted Housesitters

“All of us liked doing something different, expressing passion on a piece of paper and trying out different exercises. You could see that the atmosphere was calm and relaxed, everyone really zoned out whilst painting!”

“the aim of the session was achieved - we wanted everyone to feel more relaxed and forget about daily worries and stress”

“Everyone got different things from it - some got back into painting, someone got to try it out for the first time. People got to express themselves and let loose.”

“I would recommend it to any other tech company who wants to get their employees to de-stress, refocus and relax”

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