Empowered Portraits


What is an Empowered Portrait?
= a portrait +magic added

You as a Work of Art : You are your own Icon:

A Works of Art as invocation.

Humans have created art as a means of communication with Spirit, as a focal point, to bring what we desire into our realities.

Churches have icons, caves have paintings, Temples are adorned with Gods and Goddesses all imbued with meaning, significance. To pray to, to invoke, to inspire.

An Empowered Portrait is in this tradition. It can represent your highest self, or qualities and attributes you wish to bring into your life.

Your own personal icon.

It is be a co-creation between you and me. Each work is blessed and has embedded within it, words and phrases, emblems and images, seen and unseen.

You can be portrayed however and as whoever you choose, perhaps an archetype, goddess, or spirit you love. Or in any way that inspires you.

Any sign or emblem you wish to be incorporated can be incorporated - this can be visible or hidden in the layers. I will document the process so you can see the layers and what goes into each portrait.

Each portrait is a collaboration between sitter / commissioner and myself, the artist.

I am delighted to incorporate as much as I can of your desires, loves and influences, using my talents and skills and intuition as an artist. It can be a stylised version of you or a created collage which includes your image. You can let me know your preference.

Here is a checklist of things to consider, choose and send to me

1. a photo / photos of yourself

2. an archetype, goddess, spirit, OR anything that inspires you - whatever you wish.

3. inspirational words, images, quotes, affirmations, spells, incantations

4. preferred colours

5. objects, talismans, emblems to include (hidden or seen - let me know)

6. choose a stylised or more realistic representation of you

7. anything else - its up to you!

You don’t have to dictate any of this - I can create something, and choose words and all of these things, if you would prefer to commission me and let me create something of my choice.

All is valid.

Please be aware that payment is in advance and once commissioned, there is no money back, just a work of art.

I will keep you posted of the final image and will be happy to make small alterations as directed, within reason. I utterly desire you to love what you receive.

Payment £444 via PayPal CLICK HERE moyrascott@gmail.com (or BACS if you contact me)

I will let you know an approximate delivery time. It will be small enough to send through the post, it will be well wrapped and sent recorded special delivery. Postage and packaging to the UK is included. Overseas to be quoted.

I love co creating Empowered Portraits.

I say Co Creating because it is a joint venture

So, if you are interested, this is how it works;

You send me -  images, photographs, your inspiration, meaningful quotes, favourite colours, settings, secret wishes, etc.

We then communicate about my ideas and your desires. 

Then I work to create a work of art for you. 

AND  - It doesn't have to be you.  It can be of someone you love or as a gift to someone you love.  

xxxx Moyra