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Make Time For Creativity - Wild Art Journaling Vision Board

As of this Friday I am committing to Creative Time at Lawrence's Art Studio on a regular basis. This will be a rolling adventure of workshops and my own personal creative practice.  Its an investment in myself.  Because I know that I am better and shine brighter in the world when I make time for my creativity to come out and play.  I know damn well I am not the only one who NEEDS this creative time.  And until I am in the position to be in my studio, full time, creating - then I am making my ART FRIDAYS the thing.  I am launching on 23rd March - the start of Spring!   TO kick things off I am hosting a vision board party.   I haven't done a vision board for 3 years and its high time I created something new and exciting. I have changed, my desires are different, I am so much clearer on what I want and where I am heading.  Its time.  As you may know - there is something properly magical about Vision Boards.  If you are visual person this is a so much better way of creating a beautiful visual inspirational vision for your future.  And putting it somewhere you can see it, every day, will enable you to hold in mind all that you wish to bring into your life.  My plan is that do some clearing, some journaling around what it is we really desire - and we will set our intentions and create visions of our amazing futures.   I want to surround myself with energised, dynamic, creative doers with big dreams for the future.  If this is you and you want to join me - get in touch.