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Be Your Own Icon // You are a Work of Art

  • Lawrence Art Studio 16 Kingsthorpe Road Hove, England, BN3 5HR United Kingdom (map)

I have a new Idea I want to run past you...

As some of you may be aware, I have been doing a few commissions for Empowered Portraits.  These portraits, include hidden mantras, blessings, meaningful quotes, using favourite colours, settings, secret talisman, as Faerie Queens, Goddesses, or as in the example above, "Channeling my inner Beyonce!'. 

Those who chose to order one have placed with pride, often in their personal or work space, as a reminder of who they really are, what they want to call in and how they want to be in the world. 

A couple of friends mentioned that they would LOVE one of these, but what would make it EVEN MORE empowering would be if they could make their own.   And I agree. 

A little known fact is that the very first art workshop I ever did was doing Empowered Portraits! So it has come full circle. 

I have grown and learned more since then.  I am now a qualified leadership coach and a yoga teacher, I have years of experience, coaching and running  Wild Art Journaling and Wild Painting.  I have always wanted to do something that combined all of these. 

So here it is.  Be Your Own Icon 

I shall be doing a test run on 8th June.  It is super short notice, I know, But I want to Do this, get feedback and ITERATE it and make it even better.  So in return for being first and giving me feedback and photo ops  - I am offering it as a super cut price deal.   

If you can't make it this time -  Please read the description and I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on the idea and how i have expressed it.  Does it make sense? What questions do you have? Does it sound good, or does it put you off?  If so why  - and all that.  Would LOVE to hear from you.  


You are a Work of Art //
You are your own ICON

test run:  June 8th 10-4pm Lawrence Art Studios 16 Kingsthorpe Road Hove

Create your own Empowered Self Portrait

All Works of Art are invocations.  Humans have created art as a means of communication with Spirit for thousands of years.  Used as a focal point, to bring what we desire into our realities.  Churches have icons, caves have paintings, Temples are adorned with Gods and Goddesses all imbued with meaning, significance.  To pray to, to invoke, to inspire, to call in. 

An Empowered Self portrait is in this tradition.    Your own personal icon.   

We will work together for a day to dig deep and explore 

Your core values and processes, who you are when you are at your best, the words and feelings that express your highest self. 

What you need to let go of in order to create space for the new.

What you really desire to call in and create in your world.    

We will use coaching tools, creative rituals and wild art journaling to create your own iconic work of art.  You do not need to be able to draw, though of course you can if you so desire. We will use collage and paint. 

You will create your Icon in layers, each layer being part of the process. You will bless each layer and will embed within it, words and phrases, images, seen and secret, known only to you. You will be present to feel into what goes into Your own Empowered Self Portrait. 

Use this creative process to recreate yourself in whatever way you choose, perhaps an archetype, goddess, or spirit.  You will follow your creative intuition and create yourself and your icon in a way that feels right, delightful, inspiring to you. 

My intention is for you to create in a sacred space, cleansed with sage, blessed and held. 

You will leave with a work of art that represents you at your best AND what you desire.  It is part celebration, part cleansing, part spell.  To use as a touchstone or anchor and connect you every time you see it to who you truly are and who you want to be.  

Creativity is Magic. 

Representing your highest self and qualities and attributes you wish to bring into your life.

Preparation.  Please bring a photograph/s of yourself printed out on A4 paper.  If you can print out several.

consider bringing cutouts or printed out images of - 

  • any archetype, goddess, spirit, whatever, whoever inspires you.

  • words, affirmations, spells, incantations

  • objects, talismans, emblems to include

  • anything else that you find inspiring.

All is valid.  

The process of creation is as important as the creation itself.  

Payment is in advance 

Full Price is £111 BUT 
£99 if you book by cut off date 4th June 
CLICK for £99
£111 full price last minute dot com.  DM me peeps! 

OR you can pay by BACS to
Moyra Scott
Cooperative Bank
sort 089300
account 78395488

or direct via PayPal

Please note that refunds are only available  if I am forced to postpone the event and you cannot make the new date.  

I hope you can make it.  

This is an idea I have had for a long time, and I have been looking for the right opportunity.  This wording, and the whole experience for us together, is work in progress and it is not something I have done before - (though this is kind of how I create anyway by prototype and iteration).  

All feedback and input is most welcomed. On this wording, on my offer, on your experience, on all of it.  You are my founders, my early adopters and my crucible. I love you for stepping into this space, and I long to hear what you have to say.  

If you have any questions please ask.   Email me or call 07974 168586 xxx with all my love xxx