Creativity is deeply transformative, it nourishes you soul, bringing you into the present and into flow.  My work is to share the joy of creativity. 

Workshop Sessions
Not your average art class.  In fact its not a class at all.  Instead you will find a space for your inner artist to come out and play free from any judgement, and without worrying about the final outcome. It could be the perfect space to get started, find inspiration, explore, and get unstuck. This is about finding your flow.  I provide the prompts and materials - and you have complete permission to get messy, get creative, immerse yourself and let go.   No drawing or painting ability is required, though it won't do you any harm.  I offer an intuitive, layered approach, where you learn respond in each moment to your creative impulses. It is deep, transformative, magical and fun!

Art Journalling is actually practical magic:

  • Let go of judgement
  • Feel totally grounded, present and alive - bringing joy back into your life
  • Free up creatively as you make art without attachment to the outcome
  • Find your way into a calm, meditative space.
  • Break out of your mould and expand your creative boundaries
  • Clear out your busy mind and learn to trust your intuition
  • Generate ideas, solve challenges and get innovative.
Click   here   to check out our gallery 

Click here to check out our gallery 

What people are saying about Get Creative

"Wild Art Journalling with Moyra literally opened the doorway to my creativity that had been locked away for years and allowed it to flow like an inspired author ready to write the book of their life! This powerful process unblocked and made manifest my deep desires expressed on the pages of my journal and each week felt like a new chapter to dive into. I felt very inspired and guided by Moyra's gentle wisdom and passionate creativity." 

"I found the meditation and subsequent free writing really liberating. It took me longer to really feel the freedom of the art process but now I do, I really do. I was surprised to look down and see what work I had created - it's as if the pages come from the soul, without the rational day to day brain intervening! It's my cathartic go-to activity now and has changed the way I look at my own creativity. After a session, I want to do more! Oh, I feel invigorated and the cares of the world are blown away. It is perfect for anyone who feels they have a creative child inside them that has never truly emerged. Anyone who needs to play more in this stressful world. Anyone who, like me, has to confine their creativity in their working life but would like their mind opened to new wider possibilities. Anyone who would like to build their confidence in their own creativity."

"Moyra's superpower is holding space for the other to access their creative expression. Her gift is in her timing and non-dictatorial way of suggesting direction while seeing and encouraging the other...Moyra creates these delicious books that are full of creative explosions. A really cathartic and wholesome way to spend a morning that will help unblock and motivate you to bring more creativity and expression to your life." 

"I loved it! I l loved the process of being gently guided from the off and realised that I was gradually painting more from my heart rather than my head the more time went on. I guess I realised that what I was creating could be easily changed with one fell sweep of a brush, it was transient, ever changing & therefore fun rather than daunting. It felt like I was more engaged in the moment rather than stressing about the outcome. This has meant that I feel more daring, open and less serious about having a go at stuff, particularly creative stuff....Joyful, freeing and liberating.  I felt lighter, expansive and happier! "

"Cathartic joy, relief!  Turning ideas upside down. We had to let go. We wrote and painted and stuck and then changed it. It was a directed metamorphosis. From chaos to some sort of order.  This has meant that I can let go of ideas and they aren't precious as they can be created at any time.  It's great for creatives who are stuck. People who need ideas to flow so creativity can resurge" 

“I wanted to have fun and feel inspired while not under pressure to produce a work of art. I have found a home amongst a group of women who clearly love to leave whatever at the door and allow Moyra to guide us into a world of lines, squiggles, splodges, words, colours, dreams, meditations, visions, and doodles, which somehow get transported onto the pages in ways totally unique to each person, which is a wonder and a delight. There were no right or wrongs although I made many happy mistakes. If you are uninspired, bored or stuck, or lively, inspired and raring to go: come, join us - its not to be missed! ” 

Andrea Anderson, coach. www.aka-
“I absolutely loved taking part in the workshops, it was everything I expected and more! Whilst I don’t consider myself to be naturally creative, I love using creative activities and techniques to inspire me and generate ideas for things I’m doing in my life or my business. The time flew by and I was nicely surprised by the results I got with different art techniques. Moyra is brilliant at facilitating the sessions, creating a really lovely relaxed atmosphere and encouraging loads of playfulness and expression with the art techniques. I would highly recommend Moyra’s Art Journalling for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration, relaxation and creativity." - Andrea Anderson, coach. www.aka-


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