Be Your Own Icon - The Online Creative Course


Be Your Own Icon - The Online Creative Course

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I created this course for you
You are already a certain way down the path of knowing about inner work and transformation.

You love creativity, and you you want more of it in your life. You have wanted to nurture your creative mojo for some time in fact, but things keep getting in the way.

And sometimes you struggle with your inner critic who tells you that you are not going to be any good at it.

You are in transition, rethinking your identity, who you are and who you want to be going forward. You have a feeling that you want to be more creative, to bring some creativity back into your life.

You are feeling a bit lost and directionless and you are looking for a way to creatively reconnect back to your self power.

You enjoy being in a room of like minded, supportive, others, learning new creative techniques

You are into self enquiry and self expression

You have been wanting to awaken your creative mojo for some time, but don’t know where to start.

You would like to use the power of your own creativity to release or manifest something significant in your life, but struggle with your inner critic.

You are finally beginning to feel comfortable in your own skin and you want to feel into what is next for you.

You feel there are new adventures ahead and would like to nurture your creative side.


I believe that ART TRANSFORMS us

I believe that CREATIVITY is a powerful tool.

When we are creative we are utterly present and in flow.

Spending time being creative is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

It makes EVERYTHING better.

Art allows us to access our inner CREATIVE POWER and discover who we really are.

CREATIVITY and self Expression are the tools we can use to connect with our own intuitive wisdom so that we can learn to turn to ourselves for inspiration and guidance.

Are you - a creative soul on a journey of self discovery?

Be Your Own Icon

Create yourself as a work of art - a 4 week online art and coaching experience with Moyra Scott

Creative techniques to access your intuition, kick start your creativity, free up and fire up your creative juices.

A journey to inquire into your own nature, tap into our best or higher selves, and create an us that is truly iconic.

A rite of passage to recreate yourself as a sacred work of art - representing letting go of what no longer serves you, who you are at your best, and calling in what you truly desire - the qualities and attributes you wish to bring into your life.

It is part celebration, part cleansing, part spell.

You will create MAGIC



*Get Creative*

I will share my go to favourite Art techniques as used in Wild Art Journaling

to build up the layers of your own Empowered Self Portrait Icon - a work of art that is YOU


step by step, coaching tools and techniques to polish the diamond that is YOU

*Get Connected*

with yourself - meditations and visualisation

with your tribe - weekly Zoom meet ups and a private Facebook group



The feeling of being more connected with your inner power

creative mojo = AWAKE

fellow creative travellers

an ICONIC YOU as a work of sacred ART to hang on your wall and remind you of all that you are and are becoming

A Knowing that YOU are your own INSPIRATION

Daily practices to plug in and get creative any time you want

New tools for self expression

Course delivery will involve

recordings of the meditations

video tutorials of art techniques.


Facebook - private groups works for me.

Cost - this is my 2nd test run - so it is still £55 - ( will be £111 )

Duration: 4 weeks

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Next Course Starts September 16th for 4 weeks

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